Breaks and Burnout

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by change in your life?  Have you, like me, jumped off – even catapulted off – the bandwagon in an effort to get away from the stress that attempted change can bring?  Did you ever wonder whether you could maintain the ground you’ve gained while focusing on something other than your “big” goal?  These questions and more have tickled, pricked and pushed me over the past two months.

These past couple of months have been an interesting leg of my journey on the road of life.  For some reason, summer has brought more stress and more challenges than I expected.  Sticking with my weight loss program has been, well, non existent.  Not that I gave up.  No, no, no.  Far from it. I just got burned out, stopped tracking everything and attempted to live up to what I had already attained without all the time and hassle of tracking all my food, working out regularly, etc.

Fortunately, I pretty much maintained my weight loss.  I kept eating healthy and still performed my daily stretches (most days) to keep my back pain manageable.  But, I rarely worked out and the “occasional” indulgence was a little more frequent than I’d like to admit!  lol.  But, you know what?  I only gained 4 lbs.  I’m rather surprised!

The most encouraging thing has been that the habits I worked so hard to establish during the first half of the year have been a lot easier to follow, even while neglecting my “tracking” software (LoseIt!).  There were times I definitely caved to my chocolate cravings.  But, this little unplanned experiment has really boosted my confidence: not only can I lose weight – I can maintain it!  And I don’t have to be “perfect” to do it!

Are you feeling burned out on your weight loss goals – or some other goal in your life?  Try taking a step back, putting that goal on the back burner, and just live up to what you have already achieved without making a big deal about it.  Take some time to enjoy life, doing things you find renewing and energizing.  Then, when you feel ready to pick that goal back up, do it feeling refreshed with no feelings of condemnation or guilt.  Be proud of your accomplishments and continue to seek the balance that brings you joy and peace.

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