Don’t Give Up!

It is mid-February and I am starting to see the weight-loss excitement die down.  I am seeing several people drop out of our weight loss challenges and not sticking with their weight loss efforts on LoseIt.  And of those who are still logging, many are frustrated with their progress.  Here is my message for my friends and family who are also on their weight loss journey:

Here is what I have come to believe: it doesn’t matter how many times we “fall down” in our efforts to lose weight; what matters is that we keep getting back up.  This is the first time I have stuck with any kind of effort for more than three or four weeks.  I have tried just about everything and then quit after just two weeks, on average.

But, I want to live.  I want to live healthfully, happily and joyfully.  I want to be free of major diseases, particularly those preventable from diet (most cancers, diabetes, etc.).  I don’t want to be depressed every time I go clothes shopping.  I want to feel confident, be able to play with my kids, be able to actively enjoy the outdoors.  And so, I’m going to keep picking myself up.

What do you want?  What are your goals?  What is worth picking yourself back up again and starting afresh for?  I’d like to hear it.  YOU are worth it.  YOU are worth fighting against your habits, your friends/family who aren’t supportive, your frustration, your limitations.  Keep pushing, even when it feels like you aren’t getting anywhere – because we are most likely on the verge of a breakthrough when we reach the most resistance.

Don’t be afraid to start again.  Don’t hold onto guilt for “failing” to stick with it last time.  Don’t let weight gain, food cravings, a slip up, or anything else keep you a slave to a lifestyle you aren’t happy with!  What matters is that you are willing to learn from the past, put it behind you and then try again.  You CAN do it!

Let’s walk down the path to health together, one baby step at a time.

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One Response to Don’t Give Up!

  1. Teri says:

    I agree I have gotten of track and it is time to get my butt back in gear and stop goofing off…thanks for the boost of encouragement
    Teri in Texas

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