Food “Relationships”

A friend of mine on LoseIt! posted this comment today: “Feels like I am spinning out of control.  Not even that I’m hungry or having a lapse in judgment.  I just think psychologically this whole adventure is draining me.  It’s to the point that I am not even a least bit interested in food.  I just see it as an unnecessary evil.”

I think when we start to focus on counting calories and restricting our diets, many of us do start to feel this way.  We feel like food is the enemy.  If we just didn’t *have* to eat, then we wouldn’t have any problems.  It is a trap that is easy to fall into.  I’ve also struggled with this mentality.

But, I’ve come to see it this way: we have a relationship with food, whether we realize it or not.  And, like any relationship, it can be toxic or satisfying.  We have to gain an understanding of what a “healthy” relationship looks like through research and observation.  Once we have a reasoned and scientifically backed understanding of what healthy living really is, then we have to honestly evaluate where we are at on the health spectrum.  We cannot make progress if we 1) don’t know where we are going and 2) don’t know where we are.  We need these two reference points to chart a path for progression.

Honestly evaluating where we are and knowing where we should be will give us the strength and motivation to “break up” with the foods that don’t bring anything positive into our lives (i.e., those foods that don’t bring us joy through health; that is, those foods that have a low nutrient value).  When we start “spending time” with foods that bring us health, we feel happier, healthier and more positive.

It takes time for relationships to grow and it takes time for bad habits to change.  Let’s keep taking baby steps, keep increasing our understanding of what we need and how to get there, keep eliminating one bad habit, one bad food choice at a time so that one day we find ourselves walking in health and happiness.

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