Excited about Sushi

Yep.  Sushi.  Yeah, I know sushi has raw fish.  And yeah, I know I’m a hypocrite.  Here is yet another thing to cross off my “I swear I’ll never do [insert action]” list.  I have GOT to stop saying never! lol.

But, sushi is awesome.  And it isn’t always raw.  Seth and I have fallen in love with our homemade California rolls.  What with the real crab, delicious avocado, and baby cucumbers all rolled up in a special sushi rice (not plain white rice, it’s delicious), we can eat a whole serving (four pieces, or one roll) for just 200-some calories.  And it is surprisingly filling too!

I have a whole list of cooked-seafood sushi recipes that we are going to try over the next couple of months.  Things like Seven Spiced Salmon Rolls, Salmon-Asparagus-Mayonnaise Rolls, Crab-Asparagus-Shitake Rolls, Glazed Eel Sushi, and Beef Teriyaki Rolls just sound so delicious – okay, they look delicious in the cookbook. 🙂

This week, though, my menu is going to be pretty simple.  I’m sticking with our current fav, California Rolls (nom-nom), some easy Chicken Cacciatore (with extra veggies and served over rice instead of potatoes), Grilled Chicken Citrus Salad, a seafood and veggy salad (crab, avocado, various veggies and lots of lettuce – it doesn’t even need dressing b/c of the various flavors), and maybe Vegetable & Bean Chili.  The shopping is done, the meals are planned and I do believe it is going to be a great week!

I never anticipated that learning to cook healthy, delicious meals would be so, well, delicious and fun to boot!  Have a great week everyone!

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