Reflections on My Health Journey in 2010

A few months ago I started what I’ve called my “health journey.”  I figure this is the perfect time to post an update on my progress and postulate on my hopes for next year.  My focus has been on health: developing healthier habits, learning healthier recipes, reduce stress and making better choices for my health.

In support of those goals I have been reading some great books on stress, how to eliminate as much as possible and how to manage the rest.  I’m still not getting enough sleep (honestly, who does with two little kids?), but I’m finding that my new habits for stress management and elimination are helping.  When I start to feel overwhelmed, I take a 5 minute vacation (thanks Joyce Meyer), some deep breaths and repeat some positive mantras.  I have learned that I can do anything for just 15 minutes (thanks FlyLady), even washing dishes, putting away laundry, or working out.  I’ve accepted that not everything has to be perfect.  Shocker.  I know. 😉

The other big change and improvement on my health journey has been my relationship with food.  I’ve been experimenting with veggies and healthier recipes.  And somewhere along the way, my desire for junk food has nearly disappeared.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always be interested in chocolate. 🙂  But, my ability to say, “No” has skyrocketed.  And I’m actually enjoying salads.  Who would have guessed?  I’m actually craving delicious, healthy food on a regular basis.  And I’m having fun with it.

I feel like I have set the ground work for the next step.  For me to lose the weight that I want (and need) to lose, I needed to have a better foundation of healthy habits and healthy mindset.  So, I’ve set my weight loss goal for 65 lbs and look forward to losing 1-2 lbs per week throughout this next year.  I’m tracking everything I eat and drink, along with all exercises, on my IPod Touch (through the LoseIt app, also avail online).  But, I’m not focusing just on calories.  I’ll continue to focus on healthy recipes and consuming plenty of fruits and veggies daily.

Goodbye 2010 and hello 2011!  I’m looking forward to continuing my journey toward healthy living and a satisfying life.

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2 Responses to Reflections on My Health Journey in 2010

  1. Fogleman Forerunner says:

    Great thoughts. I just started a health blog… you might be intersted in:
    I think I’m gona sit down with a cup of hot cocoa & enjoy the oldest reading to the little’ns while I crochet! Healthy New Year!

    • rhiser says:

      Thanks! And thank you for sharing your health blog. I read and enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing more! Sending you and your family many wishes for a joyful and blessed 2011.

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