Whew!  I did not anticipate how busy having 2 children would make me.  Just when I think I have a moment to chill out, it is time for the baby to eat, or time to put my son to bed, or I remember that I need to make lunches for the next day.

It is becoming more and more obvious that routines are my best friends.  I’m finding that, when I have a routine, I don’t forget things as often, things get done faster, and I don’t have to muster the emotional or physical energy to decide to get something done.  I just do it because it has become a habit.

So far, I have successfully developed a couple routines that are helping me in my health journey.  The first one is planning meals a week in advance.  This means 1 trip to the grocery on Saturday or Sunday, saving me time and energy during the week.

The second is cooking several meals in advance.  I have been cooking every Sunday for over two months now.  I make 2-3 meals that are lunches and dinners for the next several days.  No more wondering what we will have for dinner.  No more stressing over finding something healthy for lunch as I rush out the door.  Saves time.  Reduces stress.  Brilliant.

The third major change that I’m still developing is walking every day.  I’m not a morning person, so getting up early to work out is just not going to happen.  And evenings are so busy that it is easy to wear myself out and then not have the energy or time to work out.  So, after putting my son to bed, I turn on the tv or put a movie or some anime on and walk.  It is relaxing and fun.  When I feel too tired or unmotivated, I gently say, “Just 15 minutes.  You can do just 15 minutes.”  More often than not, if I can make it 15 minutes, then I feel more energized and can go for 20 minutes, 30 minutes or even longer.

Baby steps.  🙂

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