Taking Time

Time.  I never have enough.  I know it is partially self-inflicted.   But, there are so many things I have to do, want to do and should do.  There are things I wish I could get to (like repainting my sad, neglected toe nails and finish taking down the border in the kitchen that’s been partially removed for 5 years now ;P).

When I think about all the things on my to do list, it is pretty overwhelming.  There is simply not enough time to do everything!  I miss the days when all I had to worry about was spending time with my husband, studying for the next exam, and how many levels I’d get in my game that night.  But, that season has passed.

This season is more full than I could have imagined.  And it is sometimes (okay, oftentimes) difficult to handle it all.  What mom hasn’t felt that way?  Especially a working mom or a stay-at-home mom who takes on way too much because she thinks she can (or should)?  How are we supposed to manage all the stresses of family life, work (yes, I’m including the work of sahm’s here – it’s a tough job too!), household management, finances, social responsibilities, and so on?

I’ve started trying something new that is really helping.  I have such a hard time letting go of my to do list.  So, when I feel my blood pressure rising and the stress overload kicking in, I take a 5 minute vacation.

You read that right: a 5 minute vacation.

It is something I learned from Joyce Meyer.  Take five minutes (lock yourself in the bathroom if you have to!) to just stop, breathe and retreat from the world.  We can’t always get away from our challenges, our kids, our deadlines.  But, we can take a 5 minute – or heck, a 30 second – vacation to refresh ourselves and find the energy to keep going.

I take that time to just be quiet, to stop thinking about whatever is stressing me out, to pray, to think on things that bring me joy (like my preschooler’s proud smile about something he has built, my baby’s toothless giggle, my favorite nature scene, my favorite song, a recent accomplishment, and so forth).  Mentally, I take a break from the stress.  And, after just a couple minutes, I feel refreshed with renewed energy.  I’m ready again to conquer the world.  Well, at least my little piece of it. 🙂

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