Capacity for Love

It has now been 15 days since the birth of my daughter, Eliana. As I sit here, with my baby girl asleep on my chest, I am overwhelmed almost to tears by love and fulfillment.

I remember talking about love when I spoke at my father’s memorial service in February 2008. My father was such a special part of my life. And I found it interesting that my love for him never lessened, even as my love for my husband grew. It was like my heart expanded to meet the love that was growing there so that the love for those already in my life would not diminish.

The same is true again. My heart is growing. A new room for my precious daughter has been added and is being filled to bursting. And the love for my husband and son has increased too. Our little family is even more precious with the new addition to our lives. And it is amazing to experience the capacity for love increase rather than simply be redistributed.

I used to be afraid of how I would respond to having more than one child. I was afraid that my son would feel less loved. And yet, though I will definitely make mistakes as my children grow, I am less concerned now that our daughter has arrived. I now know that both of my children have special places in my heart and that will never change. They are each my precious child. No one and nothing can ever take that away.

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