A Baby Story – Part 3 (False Starts)

On Monday, June 14, I started experiencing more serious cramping. It was intermittent, but much stronger than prior cramping and Braxton Hicks. I waited for three hours before contacting my midwife. I told her what I was experiencing and that I wasn’t sure if it was real labor or not. She told me to time the contractions and then call her back in an hour.

The contractions were long, lasting up to 2 minutes at a time. But, they were spaced from seven to 10 minutes apart. I timed them for an hour and a half. I still felt hesitant to call this labor, but had to admit that these were definitely the strongest contractions I had yet experienced.

So, I called my midwife at around 11 pm and told her what was going on. She felt that she should head over in case this really was labor, particularly since the contractions were lasting so long. She also instructed me to call Seth home from work and arrange for Dietrick to be picked up.

I called my friends and family to let them know I was probably in labor. Seth came home. My father-in-law picked up Dietrick. My sister Sarah came over to support me in the birth. Midwives arrived around midnight. We stayed up chatting and drinking coffee (except for me, of course).

Long story short: labor stopped. Around 2 am, the contractions became less intense. By 4 pm, I was still only dilated to 3 cm and wasn’t making any further progress. So, my midwives went home. My sister, Sarah, who was there for the birth, went home. Seth and I went to bed. But, I was so discouraged that it was difficult to get to sleep. I posted on Facebook that the baby wasn’t coming and not to bother asking questions.

Finally, I got some rest. Upon waking Tuesday morning, my mood and attitude improved. I continued my walking and supplement regimen. And I let the frustration go. All day Tuesday, I continued to have a little bloody show and intermittent cramping.

Tuesday night, we used Evening Prim Rose oil again to help soften my cervix. Wednesday morning I woke to a lot of bloody show that continued throughout the day. The cramping continued as well, though it was light and I purposefully put it from my mind. I distracted myself with cleaning and errands. I was NOT going to get excited or hopeful yet.

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