Today’s Musings: Choices

There is much I can’t control.  I can’t control what other people do, or how they react.  I can’t control the weather.  I can’t control the unexpected.  I can’t control the past.

However, there is still much within my sphere of influence.  I can control my thoughts, choosing to think positive thoughts that are productive.  This does not mean thinking unrealistically.  But, choosing to recognize the negative while focusing on the positive, such as what I can control or influence.

I can control what I eat (healthy or unhealthy).  This influences how I feel, how I look and how happy I am with myself.  I can control whether I work out and how much within my limitations.  This will improve my ability to work and function, which opens doors and improves our financial outlook.  I can control how I treat my son and my husband – choosing love, respect, and cheerfulness instead of irritation, condemnation and negativism.  I can choose to manage my time with responsibility, improving productivity with both positive financial outcomes and better relationships.  I can choose to recognize my limitations (including those that are hard boundaries and those that are soft – and occasionally pushing the soft ones to see if they have moved) and work to the best of my ability within them.

I can choose to trust in God rather than live in fear and anxiety.  I can ask God for wisdom to know what to do within my sphere of influence.  And I can choose to rely on Him for all those things outside of my control.  For truly He is sovereign and almighty; there is nothing He can’t do.  He is our King and Father, limitless in His power, generous in His gifts, and faithful in His love.

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